DHK Architects unveil multi-billion rand Culemborg City vision

Current Site:

Client: Edge Properties

Components: 198 000m² Mixed Used retail, office, residential and office development with strong public realm component

Area: 5.3 Ha

Status:  2007- Rezoning proposal awaiting approval

The vision for the rezoning and redevelopment of the existing Culemborg Motorcity precinct is to create a vibrant, urban mixed use quarter within Cape Town city centre. Approximately 198,000m2 of bulk will be provided, consisting of high street retail, office space, residential apartments as well as a hotel. Retail will be provided in a combination of small to medium scale high street units, complemented by larger retail anchors and showrooms. Car parking areas will be provided under the elevated freeway and within basements, to cater both for onsite public parking needs. The development provides an opportunity for a possible new Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) feeder stop on Oswald Pirow and will have three primary roads linking into Oswald Pirow, with a central pedestrian spine and piazza forming the heart of the development.

A multiplicity in scale and built form will create a fine-grained urban fabric in the development. ‘Greened’ podium levels under and adjacent to the highway will contain parking, with thin atrium-buildings on top. Prominent office towers, hotel and residential landmark buildings will create visual gateways into the city centre.

The design team, in consultation with the client, has established a set of proactive Sustainable Design commitment options to ensure that all aspects of the development – from Urban Design and Architectural layouts, to appropriate services, materials, management structures and land use mixes – result in a sustainable living and working environment.

Site Description

  • Culemborg Quarter is located on Oswald Pirow Street, Cape Town. The site is registered as Leasehold Area No. 19 over a Portion of Erf 164070 Cape Town and is zoned as Undetermined Use Zone (deemed transport use) and Undetermined Use Zone (deemed government purposes).
  • The site in question measures 5.3 hectares in extent. The physical footprint of the development will be determined during the environmental assessment process.
  • The GPS co-ordinates for this site is 33° 55’ 17.88 ” S and 18° 26’ 02.45” E.
  • The site is bound by Oswald Pirow to the west, Table Bay Boulevard (the N1 freeway) to the north and Eastern Boulevard (the N2 freeway) to the east.


Source: DHK Architects