Can Cape Town learn from London’s Cycle Superhighways?

On 11 July 2011, London opened two new Cycle Superhighways – with the vision of having 12 continuous bicycle ‘superhighways’ into central London 2015. These superhighways has promised a wonderful idea to fellow bicyclists, but has been met with a little criticism relating to disconnection at some points.

From what’s available on the internet, these Cycle Superhighways look pretty amazing with their special blue paint coverage, safety and maps along the different routes.

Can Cape Town take some of the good features of this London system, especially with the current expansion and upgrading of Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) routes around the city? The City of Cape Town officially launched its first very own bicycle superhighway on 1 Feb this year. Except for some thorns and poles along the way, these NMT lanes have received much praise from super cyclists to the casual commuter bicyclists.

As this is hopefully a first of many such continuous bicycle lanes into the city center (hopefully being planned along with the current MyCiTi Bus Trunk route expansion) – should the city try and make our routes even better? Why not give our NMT superhighways a different colour to highlight users’ safety of these routes? What about a sexy name like London gave their routes? Perhaps a little design technologies to help protect users from the Kaapse Dokter (the strong winds for international readers)?

What about using Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 bid colour yellow?

Nice an integrated?

Any ideas for Cape Town’s NMT routes that you would like to see that will make them better, safer and more enjoyable?

(Image source This Big City.)

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