PUBLIC MEETING: Closing section of Old Marine Drive


In principle, we support the concept, however, we feel that it is merely scratching the surface. Unless the entire precinct i.e. IRT station, Cape Town Station, Long Distance Bus terminus and other transport facilities are considered as a HUB and an appropriate vision is put in place, this merely becomes a sporadic convergence of various public transport options.

We have still not seen any basic signage between Cape Town train station and the Civic Centre IRT station, and hence, have very little confidence in this proposal, even though it is being driven by the City of Cape Town and PRASA. The current proposal appears to be nothing short of a temporary, ad-hoc solution to eliminate or resolve congestion around the recently completed long distance bus terminus. We support any proposal of this nature, only if it is part of a phased approach to constructing what should already be a major transport hub; safe, visible, integrated, and seamless. What will this hub look like in 5 or 10 years time if we continuously support vision-less modifications to what is already a rather disjoint transport space, the largest in the province. This type of intervention does not support Cape Town’s ambitions to use design to reconnect and restructure our city in a positive and lasting way.

If you are unable to attending the meeting, please share your views as per the invitation attached or mail them to us and we will pass them along. We are hoping to gather a wide range of views to present at this meeting.

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