Cape Town’s new Tower: How green will it be? #Portside2

The client (both Old Mutual and First Rand) has indicated that the building is to incorporate green building principles and is to achieve a minimum 4 Green Star SA rating. This will place the building in a select group of the most sustainable buildings to date in South Africa.

A key element of achieving a green building is the adoption, from the inception of the project, of an integrated design approach. The client and project team are committed to this integrated design approach. At the outset of the project a series of workshops were held with the whole design team to identify the green elements that could be incorporated into the design and construction of the project.

These elements correspond with the Green Star Office rating tool credits. The outcome of the process demonstrated that a 4 Green Star Office Design rating can be achieved within the existing budget. This is in line with the City’s SPELUM Committee’s requirements that the building “conforms with Green building principles and standards.”

  • The project will incorporate an energy efficient air-conditioning system making full use of outside air when the ambient conditions are compatible, and will concentrate on best practice commissioning and tuning of all systems.
  • The lighting system will be energy efficient as well as light and movement sensitive resulting in an anticipated overall energy saving of between 20% – 30% compared with a normal building.
  • Low flow water fittings will be installed throughout the building and rain that falls on the building footprint will be captured, filtered and reused.
  • In terms of waste, adequate storage space will be provided for recycling of waste generated by the building operations. In addition, during construction, significant focus will be applied to recycling up to 50% of the construction generated waste. Focus will be on the specification of materials that have a high recycled content, and low detrimental health effect on building users (in terms of off-gassing and emissions).

Throughout the design stages and during construction, the incorporation of the Green building principles will be monitored and evaluated to ensure the successful achievement of a 4 Green Star SA Office Design rating. This project will be a showcase of green design in South Africa and a practical demonstration of sustainable design for Cape Town.