How can Cape Town use design to improve the Mfuleni Taxi Rank?

Q: How can Cape Town use design to improve or rethink the Mfuleni Taxi Rank?

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Google Street View is an incredible way to tour cities across the world, but more importantly, to tour parts of Cape Town we don’t get to see daily (or perhpaps have never seen). Google sent their team of vehicles and cameras to the majority of Cape Town in a frenzy before the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They captured sights and scenes from our City, that many of us were, frankly, not aware of. One could say that it has enabled a sense of “City discovery” for many Capetonians, including our team, in the process instilling a greater sense of curiosity about the City we thought we knew.

So join us, as we look at various Cape Town places and spaces that require a rethink or perhaps a re-imagination, expanding our horizons and ideally gathering a wide variety of perspectives from Capetonians. Google Street View also allows one to move around a space or building, allowing you to form an opinion based on reasonable view of the surrounds and context.

In this first post we head to Mfuleni and look at the Mfuleni Taxi rank or Transport Interchange, a space which represents many of the issues faced by taxi ranks across the country. Traditionally, dark and dingy spaces, with a lack of branding/signage and in general, a war zone between pedestrians and vehicles.

We would love to have you share you views. So share your comments below, tweet about it, and come up with new ways of thinking about the taxi rank. How can small investments have a large impact on all people using a traditional taxi rank, and those impacted by the quality of the space (or lack thereof).

Our question: How can Cape Town use design to improve or rethink the Mfuleni Taxi Rank?

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  1. Mfuleni

    The City is busy with a rezoning and subdivision for the Mfuleni Urban Node which includes the Mfuleni Taxi rank. It will require a widening of the Main Road and enlargement of the traffic roundabout , so the rank will need to be moved behind Saverite , creating opportunites for redevelopment.

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