The Future of The Digital City – Our next #CityTalk

There’s no looking back for cities as technology gets smaller, cheaper, and more advanced. The Digital City produces data at an astonishing pace, with citizen interactions rarely happening without a smartphone in hand. But is this vision reality? Have digital technologies improved cities or created a new way to alienate the socially disadvantaged? Are apps the beginning of a digitally immersive urban transformation or just a bit of fun? And are these questions coming too soon? Has the Digital City just started living up to its potential? And what is the potential of the Digital City?

Much has been proposed about how social media can improve the way we engage with our cities. Whether its the planning system, maintaining streets, or civic engagement, social media has obvious appeal to that portion of society who see older systems and stuffy and time-consuming. But what about those who don’t have the tools required to access these platforms? For every urban dweller with an iPhone glued to their palm there is another unable to afford this (supposed) gateway to better cities. And then there’s those who simply do not want to digitally engage with their cities. What do these people do when bus times are being sent to people via apps rather than the bus stop?

One thing is for sure – digital technologies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why we’ve decided to discuss the future of the Digital City during our next #citytalk tweetchat. The discussion with by co-hosted  on Twitter by Future Cape Town and This Big City, and  questions will also be shared with our special guest Christine McLaren from BMW Guggenheim Lab. We encourage you, via this digital platform, to come share your thoughts (on another digital platform).

Join This Big CityFuture Cape Town and BMW Guggenheim Labs on June 28th at 7PM BST/8PM CET+SAST/2PM EDT for our next #citytalk

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