MyCiTi update: Proposed Salt River MyCiTi Feeder Route

By the end of the year, the MyCiTi will offer at least two operating permanent feeder routes within the Cape Town CBD. We can all speculate which of the nine new routes will be the first ones to go ‘live’, but here is the updated proposed route of Salt River MyCiTi F07 Route.

A bus will start its journey at the soon-to-be-completed MyCiTi Civic Centre Station where it will then drive along Adderley Street. It will then make a left turn onto Darling Street where it will pass Cape Town City Hall, then The Fringe District (which you will be able to reach from the Harrington Stop) and then the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Following this, the bus will then continue its journey through the neighbourhoods of Zonnebloem, Walmer Estate finally reaching Salt River Station (being another point of integration with train public transport through Metrorail). We bet you that many Southern Suburbers will bicycle to this station and connect (with their bicycles) to the MyCiTi network…since Metrorail isn’t fans of bicyclists.

This seems like a great feeder route to a section of the city (District 6) that hasn’t been well-connected by public transport. Even your yuppie-hipster will be able to take the MyCiTi to Kent Stop in Salt River to get to the Neighbour Goods market at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays.

The MyCiTi team are having an info session on this route, where you can also go voice any concerns or ask questions about the MyCiTi bus system on Wednesday, 22 August 2012. For more information on this info session click here.

Click on the map for a larger image.

What do you think of the proposed route – will you use it?

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  1. gmbouah

    It will then make a right turn onto Darling Street? You can only turn left into Darling street from Adderley when traveling away from the Civic Centre. Please get a Capetonian to write your articles…


    Gregory, this is and was clearly an error, which has now been corrected. I can assure you that the author, Rouen Smit, regularly uses public transport in Cape Town, and does indeed live in Cape Town.

    As for the sarcasm; interesting that this is the only contribution you feel you can make to the article. Perhaps it is.

  3. Terence.M

    I don’t understand why they are launching the route with the least amount of stops completed? They started the Camps Bay routes’ bus stops more than a year a go and they only need to do about 6 more. Why wasn’t that launched first?

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