National Museum of African American History and Culture

Watch this fly-through video of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Situated on the Washington Monument grounds the museum maintains a subtle profile in the landscape – more than half is below ground – with five stories above. The corona is based on elements of the Washington Monument, closely matching the 17-degree angle of the capstone and the panel size and pattern has been developed using the Monument stones as a reference. The entire building is wrapped in an ornamental bronze lattice that is a historical reference to African American craftsmanship. The density of the pattern can be modulated to control the amount of sunlight and transparency into the interior. The south entry is composed of the Porch and a central water feature. An extension of the building out into the landscape, the porch creates an outdoor room that bridges the gap between the interior and exterior.”  – Adjaye Associates

The museum is expected to open in 2015 and cost approximately $500 million.

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