What If – we build towers near stations and reclaim ocean pools?

What If is a week-long series showcasing some of the imaginative work produced by the UCT Architecture Masters graduates of 2012. Free from the shackles of clients and time graduates are offered the opportunity to design the works our city never gets to see. Stretching our imaginations in directions we never thought to go these works provoke questions we ought to be asking.


What if The tallest point of our city was beside the station? If the public realm of the station fore-court was extended into a high density building with public spaces not just on the ground levels but dispersed throughout the building. If the building form was derived not from what looks good but through careful analysis of local wind and sun conditions?

Project by Henry Abosi

What if The same amount of effort was put into a rejuvenation of Graaf’s pool along the promenade? What If the rich history (from secret tunnels and a paraplegic to peeping grannies and gay men) of the site was unpacked and retold with a new ending. One which played with the erosion of different types of concrete and blow holes alluding to supposed tunnels and the tides.

Project by Andre Malan