Future Cape Town Exhibition: Pop into the future review

On the first Thursday of 2013, Future Cape Town held a small pilot exhibition titled ‘Pop into the Future’. Since the end of last year, Cape Town has had successful First Thursday events and even though we don’t own a gallery, we felt encouraged to share a night full of city inspiration and some ideas by us, students and other locals.

We were kindly offered a space to use for the exhibition in the White Room at Dear Me on Longmarket Street. With only a week of planning, we were very happy with the turnout of people, their ideas left at the exhibition and a feeling for many more such exhibitions in the near future. As it was only a pilot exhibition, we limited the number of items at the exhibition. Nonetheless, we still put up a number of exciting things in different formats. A few images can be found at the bottom of the post:

UCT, Masters of Architecture Projects:

  • The Quarry Project by Matthew Dasneves, which you can read in this post explored ideas to revive the Signal Hill quarry.
  • The Granger Bay Waterfront by Emma Reid previously featured on Future Cape Town here.
  • Book Silos at the Waterfront by Calvin Stables , also previously featured in a post, which looks at creating a new home for the South African National Library Book repository.
  • A ritual space in the Cape Town city bowl by Trudie Joubert.

Small urban-cinema with the following videos:

  • The Liveable City project interviewing city and thought leaders on the concept of Liveability produced exclusively for Future Cape Town by Echo Ledge Productions.
  • Urban Brave, a short documentary made by the Architecture Students Society for AZA 2012. Urban Brave is a “frank talk about the intellectual daring that a truly new and better Cape Town demands.”
  • Short clip by Echo Ledge Productions on the Future Cape Town Night-Walk held at the end of 2012. There is a post where you can view this video clip and read more about the Night-Walk.

World Design Capital 2014 Bid Book 

The book was available for browsing, reading and seeing why Cape Town won the designation of World Design Capital in 2014.

Your City Idea poster campaign

A number of Your City Idea posters, which were put up in different parts of the city, were on display to show just some of the ideas citizens had for a better future Cape Town. There were also empty posters for people at the exhibition to share their ideas too.

City Developments

Posters of 10 major construction sites around the Central City were on display. The full City Development Updates feature is available here.

Posters of projects by Future Cape Town

The Fringe Urban Framework model

A summary on the model from The Fringe’s website:

The draft urban design and landscape frameworks is a culmination of more than 2 years of work and is the basis of the Fringe’s proposed urban development framework. The work was inspired by research into property, bulk rights, bulk infrastructure, transport and parking, the ecosystem of the area (including creative industries, hospitality, residential population) as well as a series of economic and social impact studies. Moreover it speaks to other significant studies more especially the District Six Development Framework. It forms a guide for property owners and developers as well as the state and CPUT in the delivery of relevant infrastructure for The Fringe and its mission in facilitating the economic growth of the province. More can be read about this here.”

More images can be viewed at this album on our Facebook page.

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