INFOGRAPHIC: The case for Bellville & Voortrekker Road



The Future Tyger project kicks off on 26 August with a public conversation that engages with those who live, work, learn, play, use health facilities or own businesses in the Voortrekker Road Development Corridor including the Bellville Central Area.

Future Tyger aims to positively impact on the future through developing partnerships for regeneration and improvement from today towards 2020 and beyond to 2040.With support from the Mayor’s Urban Regeneration Programme we can make the Voortrekker Road Development Corridor a better, brighter and more prosperous area for all.

Future Tyger has been officially accepted into the World Design Capital 2014 programme. The Future Tyger conversation is being managed by the Greater Tygerberg Partnership – a newly formed partnership that embraces regional business, universities, the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government and local communities.


– Feature image courtesy of HiltonT