INFOGRAPHIC: 2013 Creative Cape Town Survey Results

To help Creative Cape Town better communicate, support, and facilitate the development of the creative industries in Cape Town, they asked the public –  mostly the creative community – to complete an online survey. The information gathered provides valuable insight into what the city’s creative practitioners and supporters need and want.

Share the knowledge 

To share the results of the survey, they asked local graphic designer Ivan Colic to create a visual snapshot of who responded and what they said. We love that Ivan’s design uses the letters that spell Creative Cape Town to unpack the information!

Did you know:

  • 90% of people who took this survey* want more info on how to start their own business
  • 54% prefer crowdsourcing to fund their creative endeavours
  • 86% are looking for more networking events


*This survey ran from May 2 – June 18, 2013 through online channels. In future surveys, we will be expanding the participation platforms to include an offline component.

Infographic via Creative Cape Town

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  1. Dave

    Awesome stuff, but once again clicking on the infographic reveals a larger but still very compressed and unreadable image. People want to see crisp and clean infographics… we don’t care about the extra kilobytes!

    1. Rouen Smit

      Hi Dave, we’ve linked the image to a high quality PDF image. So you can now click on the infographic and be taken to the crisp and clean infographic. Sorry about that!

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