#CityTalk: Does film have the power to shape our cities?


Film has been described as the most important cultural form of the 21st century  and the city is of course the most important social organisation. What is the relationship between film and the city; can we use film as an instrument to measure the progress of our cities? Film has the distinct ability to capture the spatial complexities,diversity and the human condition of the past,present and future. The film industry has a direct influence on society and in turn society has a direct influence on the nature of today’s films; particularly the way the urban landscape is portrayed. If cities are the backdrop for films – they inform and shape what we digest as a society – then how can film further shape our urban space?

#CityTalk will be happening this Wednesday 21 May 9pm CAT, during the screening discussion of the Power of Film to influence City-making. Join the global twitter conversation, together with This Big City, as we explore film and city-making. 

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