Watch: New Cities Summit aims to re-imagine cities

The economic fate of the planet equals the fate of our cities.

-Geoffrey West

Check out the highlights from this year’s New Cities Summit held in Dallas, Texas.  This year, over 800 individuals from 51 countries around the world came together for a week of collaboration and idea sharing. Summits such as this one act as a vital facilitator where people from diverse career trajectories who often do not have the chance to speak to one another can meet and network.  A high-level stakeholder from one city may have a completely different opinion about an urban issue than has another individual who comes from a different city.  Therefore, such global summits are enormously helpful towards trying to break down the most complex and pressing issues to urban development. They prove not only vital to the host city, but also to many cities around the world that currently face similar issues.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this summit, read some reviews and watch more video clips in the Summit’s e-book, “Re-imagining Cities.”