Producing energy from waste treatment

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With technology that optimises the digestion process of sludge from waste water treatment, Aquest Colsen has developed a way of dealing with waste that produces energy. Bringing their knowledge and experience to Department of Design, the Dutch company hopes to engage with and learn from South African counterparts.

How can your technologies benefit South Africa?

South Africa faces many challenges related to water and energy. Aquest Colsen technologies are based on optimisation of waste water treatment and energy saving. Based on the latest developments in technology, it is possible to make waste water treatment plants as energy producers. This can be achieved by optimisation of the digestion process of sludge released during the treatment process. Instead of facing an increasing energy problem, municipalities have the opportunity to become almost independent of their energy suppliers.

How can the Netherlands learn from challenges facing South Africa?

Although the differences are great between the various regions in South Africa, there are some great examples of municipalities in South Africa with a real ‘’Yes We Can’’ mentality. It is this positive spirit in the public sector that should be spread through other regions in the country, which even can be set as an example for utilities overseas.

What do you hope to accomplish in Department of Design?

We hope that Department of Design offers a platform where various stakeholders are brought together, listen, share knowledge and have fruitful discussions with each other and with innovators. This will hopefully open doors and opportunities for all parties to work together to tackle the challenges the country faces.