Manenberg Urban Transformation: “Historic plans” unveiled

Manenberg Urban Renewal Plan development Update

After months of community engagement program, facilitated by Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading(VPUU), the province and city compiled a community action plan and a public investment framework for Manenberg.

Some challenges outlined by the community include:

  • lack of police and community safety forum visibility at schools and Nyanga Junction,
  • high crime rates and slow response to domestic abuse,
  • lack of basic services,
  • lack of facilities to address the socio-economic challenges, and
  • youth at risk.

The proposed transformation of Manenberg will focus on four main issues:

  • investment in youth,
  • investment in healthcare facilities, and
  • investment in safety

Investment in infrastructure, health and security include:

  • Youth Lifestyle Centre, which comprise of education facilities and student residences, sport facilities and green open spaces.
  • Renovations and upgrades to schools. There are currently 14 primary schools, three high schools, a private centre of excellence and 27 early childhood development centres in Manenberg.
  • Pedestrian and cycle network. Buildings along this network will be well-lit, visible at all times and has some form of activity, placed as a deterrent on a route that is perceived to be dangerous to improve the perception of safety in the area at all times of the day and allowing the community to participate in various activities.
  • A regional hospital to replace GF Jooste Hospital.
  • A safety and security policing and community training college, on the site of the old GF Jooste Hospital.
  • Safety Kiosks, with newly trained auxiliary officers. These kiosks will address sudden gang shootings and violence in the community and will provide improved law enforcement in the community.

In addition to the planned interventions, there are several current initiatives aimed at socio-economic development in Manenberg, including;

  • the rehabilitation of Klipfontein Road at a cost of R18m
  • the upgrading of parks through the installation of new equipment and fencing (the Manenberg Urban Park, Venster Park, Houw Hoek Road Park, Sherwood Park and Seine Road Park).
  • large trees will be planted as part of the smart trees program.

Investment in people include;

  • reading sessions at the Manenberg library for preschool children, as well as holiday programmes at libraries and recreation centres to give pupils an opportunity to expand their social and creative skills;
  • free internet access in the Manenberg library and a synthetic soccer pitch worth R5.5m which is used daily by male and female teams.
  • an alcohol and substance abuse treatment site in Ruimte Road, which opened in February this year.


According to Helen Zille and Patricia de Lille the urban renewal project recognises “how deeply and tragically this suburb is affected by urban decay and the resulting crises of drug abuse and gangsterism. The focus will be on advancing safety, education, healthcare, technology and innovation, while promoting social cohesion and the development of small business opportunities.”

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