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City Development Update: Touchstone House

Portside and 22 Bree seems to have been a catalyst for new developments in Cape Town’s growing foreshore. Work has started on Touchstone House, a newly launched sectional title office development in lower Bree Street, diagonally across the road from both Portside and 22 Bree. The scheme incorporates the old Touchstone warehouse facade, built in 1895. The warehouse occupied the site until it was gutted in a fire a few years ago. The estimated cost of the development is around R200 million.

City Development Update: Roggebaai Place

In early 2010, after the anchor tenant pulled out, construction suddenly ground to a halt at the Roggebaai Square development in the foreshore. At the time construction had reached the first floor. After no movement on site for more than two years, rumours started circulating late last year that development would see a resurgence.