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Proud Paarlite, Capetonian and South African on a London sojourn. Actuary by day, actuary by night, but a weekend epicurean through and through.

5 ideas from Prague that could work in Cape Town

“First came the Nazis, then the Communists, and now the tourists.” The citizens of Prague may feel weighed down by the constant invasions of the last century, but, for better or worse, its architecture and history have made tourism the driving force of the city’s economy. This edition of Ideas from Cities picks up some ideas from this hotspot, beyond the buildings, which could work in Cape Town too.

5 ideas from London that could work in Cape Town

Although the culture, spirit and preferences of each city and its habitants are very different, there may still be great value in sharing and implementing translatable ideas between two cities. London may not be able to compete with Cape Town’s weather and scenery, but we’ve narrowed down a list of five great aspects of London that could work just as well in the Mother City.

Keeping up appearances: what a city owes its tourists

Many cities, including Cape Town rely on tourism as a form of income. Do they not, therefore, have a responsibilty to invest in and maintain the facade presented to tourists? Or should tourists be satisfied seeing the cities without make-up on, be confronted with local issues and appreciate function over form in order to be considered true travellers? Inspired by a trip to Budapest, Pamela Hellig argues that it may not be necessary to choose between the two…

Office space in the space age

The technology revolution, an increased emphasis on employee well-being and the quest for better value for consumers over the last ten years have led to conditions being just right for an upheaval of traditional ideas about office space. Pamela Hellig, a regular ‘telecommuter’, questions whether future cities will have a need for offices at all.