Long Street Pedestrian/Transit Mall: Which view do you support?

Department of Transport:

In the CBD area, it is understood that the MyCiTi team is opposed to transit malls especially on Long Street. However, there are many stakeholders that favour such an approach, including Cape Town Partnership and individuals in the City’s Planning Department. The development of a transit mall could lead to a closed feeder station at the top of Long Street that would ease transfers across the City. Instead, customers will have to travel much further to make a transfer. The transit mall concept also holds the potential to positively transform the area. There may also be an opportunity to create a convenient closed transfer station on Dorp Street near Wale. Department of Transport requests an engagement with the CoCT to discuss the potential of a Long Street transit mall as well as a transfer station on Dorp Street.

City of Cape Town:

Very little travel time will be saved by providing the trunk to the Dorp Street area. Only one trunk route was planned to the Dorp Street area, so most passengers would have had to transfer at Civic Station anyway. Leeuwen Street is better than Dorp Street for trunk buses to manoeuvre in. The best location for the only trunk station planned beyond the Adderley Street Station on this original route is on Loop Street between Dorp and Wale Street on the right-hand side of Loop Street. Feeder Stops/Stations are located at closer spacings than trunk stations, so passengers will have a shorter walk with the current plan. The excellent free transfer facilities being planned at Civic Centre station offer wonderful access between trunk services and origins/ desinations. Where there are broader initiatives to improve urban landscapes and pedestrian facilities (eg in upper Long Street), the MyCiTi routes and infrastructure should be adjusted / planned accordingly. The City is looking forward to engaging with DOT on this matter.