Long Street Public Events Space. When?

Cape Town Carnival

Who will make the case for Long Street? How many more major events and “Final Draws” and “Cape Town Carnivals” will fill the length and breadth of Long Street before its given a “Fan Walk” treatment suitable for events? As an established public events space, permanent infrastructure now needs to be installed to cater for events without the need for major planning each and every time. Automatic booms at the top of Long Street rather than a traffic police car, and “orange cones”. A paved space suited to major Carnivals (No need for trips to Rio to check their paving. Google Street View and Skype will do). A suitably sized pavement catering for larger viewing areas for events. Permanent events lighting? Signage? Who or what is stopping us? Is it not obvious? Are we missing something or waiting for 12 impact studies?