IRT ART: Table View @MyCiTiBus station gets Art – South-Easter Bunnies by Alan Munro, Images by Warr

IRT ART: Table View @MyCiTiBus station gets Art – South-Easter Bunnies by Alan Munro, Images by Warren Rohner

In Q3 2010, the City of Cape Town called for  Artist’s and Designers to produce original artwork for MyCiTi bus station in the Integrated Rapid Transit System.

It seems as if the Easter/Festive season has certainly rubbed off on the decision-makers selecting the artworks for the MyCiTi stations.

Here is some information about the location and scale of the artworks;

  • Area for artwork: The entrance area to the stations alongside the ticket booth has been allocated for artwork. The area is 6 650mm in length and 2 150mm in height, consisting of 7 vertical glass panels. The design of the artwork should consider both the viewer’s experience when encountering the work close-up on entering the station as well as views of the artwork from a distance, as seen by passengers in passing traffic and pedestrians from across the street. It is optional for the artwork to include the station name and red stripe currently across this area of the station.
  • Design: While artists are encouraged to give free range to their imaginations, preference will be given to designs that show an appreciation of the unique history of the station areas; the particular indigenous natural environment; and Cape Town’s local aesthetics. Inspiration may be gained from simple anecdotes or epic historical events. Consideration must be given to how the station name band and accompanying red line should be terminated or threaded through the artwork in some way to avoid the band being abruptly truncated.