New Khayelitsha District Hospital gets solar and wind energy!

The new Khayelitsha District Hospital (which will be commissioned by mid-2011) has become one of the first newly constructed government buildings to join the global initiative to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions at its facilities by installing a solar and wind grid-connected power plant.

Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd is in the process of designing and installing a 25kWp solar PV system as well as a 2kW wind energy system consisting of two VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines). This renewable energy system will feed power into the Khayelitsha District Hospital’s (KDH) electricity grid, which allows KDH to offset its consumption of electricity and reduce its carbon footprint. The solar PV system will consist of 108 solar panels which are connected to two top quality grid-inverters. The two VAWT’s are state of the art technology and will be featured prominently in the gardens at the hospitals entrance.

The electricity generated by the system is monitored and will be displayed on an LED screen in the entrance foyer of the hospital. This will create awareness among staff members and patients, who will see firsthand how much energy is being generated at the site. We commend the Department of Transport and Public Works for demonstrating their commitment to a more sustainable future for South Africa and its citizens.

Connecting people to solar power
Solar PV system

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