240 minutes on @mycitibus by Colin Rudden

Colin Rudden was kind enough to share his @mycitibus experience with us this week. He considers himself lucky, as he lives 150m from a feeder station in Sunningdale and works 100m away from the Government Ave station in Gardens. Unfortunately, his first @mycitibus experience was not as positive as he thought it would be but he offers some good suggestions for improving the service in future. Will Colin continue to use the @mycitibus to work daily?

  • Car travel total: 70min total (6am / 4pm depart)
  • Bus travel time: 240min total

    GOING TO WORK: Sunningdale to Gardens

    I arrived at my feeder stop, and waited 25 minutes for the 1st bus to arrive. From then on it was a pleasant experience for the trip into town. For a service that has just started, I was impressed!

    GOING HOME: Gardens to Sunningdale

    I left work at 3:50pm (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) and got to the stop at 3:53 – nice and close to work. The bus arrived on time, but then waited for what felt like ages at Gardens Centre, got to the Civic Centre at 4:30pm!!

    The trunk bus had no seats left, but the next bus was on it’s way, cool. Most of us opted to wait the 5min. Trunk route was all good, got to Bayside at 5:10 or so. Jumped on the feeder, again this took ages. Got home at 5:50.

    SUGGESTIONS: Time for an Express Service?

    Every second Trunk bus during peak hour should be an Express service. No trunk stations should be stopped at. It appears that > 80% of passengers are doing the full trunk route. This will reduce the travel time for those passengers, and allow the passengers at the stations along the route a higher chance of finding a seat.