Cape Town Urban Intervention: What if cars were removed from cities?

As a response to the blog post by Jonathan Cherry at, entitled, What would happen if we banned cars from the Cape Town CBD?, we thought we would share this UCT project from 2007, which provides a unique solution to this question.

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Urbanfields: In Between Rural and Urban, the New Urban Thresholds (Michael Lewis & Justin Hausle)

Des Baker Awards 3rd Prize Winner, 2007

The streets of Cape Town can breath.”

A new high speed underground transport network has replaced personal transport, making cars obsolete. The urban community reclaims the streets, reclaims the everyday. Fields are the new black. The originally reclaimed land of the Foreshore is once again reclaimed – this time by agriculture. The boulevards make room for wheat, maize, orchards, sheep, cows and goats.

New urban thresholds: Spatial Hybrids

This new urban condition calls for new rurban thresholds, spaces ‘in between’ that are spatial hybrids, providing services to the new urban/rural dweller. These spaces stitch together the disparate worlds of the rural and the urban, creating the new urban landscape.

Supervisor: Nic Coetzer