NYC: @ap1pel on getting people onto bicycles in Cape Town. The New York way!

André-Pierre André-Pierre du Plessis

New York is doing a great deal to encourage residents to start biking with a great advertising campaign in subways and all across town indicating what the distances are between two different neighbourhoods e.g. Chelsea to Midtown – 10 minutes.

They also organise great events like one they had on Sunday. Check out their website:

Bike New York is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to promote and encourage bicycling and bicycle safety through education, public events, and collaboration with community and government organizations. Best known for producing America’s largest cycling event, a 42-mile, traffic-free ride for some 32,000 cyclists known as the TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour, we also put on regional rides outside NYC, offer free classes to the public, and develop customized bicycle safety and education programs in and around New York City.