What people are saying about @Mycitibus. Overheard today

“These cycle lanes are pretty flat the whole way”

“We need me more areas along the cycle lanes for cyclists to stop and socialize”

“Where is the nearest coffee shop?”

“Where is the nearest bicycle repair shop”

“This station makes one feel as if you’re a part of the activity around the intersection”

“This bus station is quite large, and not depressing at all”

“There are no signs from Cape Town Station to the Civic Centre”

“I had to pay R45 to park near the Civic Centre. Where are the parking facilities?”

“They shoud convert buy that BMW building’s parking garage or why not invest in a R250 million parking garage. Isn’t this the main hub?”

“These cyclists are speeding on the cycle lanes”

“Wow, that building is cool”

“Mommy, I like this picture” (referring to station artwork)

“Bru, so we can get drunk until 9pm in the CBD and then take the bus back. Awesome”

“We’re trying out the bus because I drive to work from Table View each day. Using the bus will save me so much money and I can get some work done on the way.”

“Those fold-up seats (on the bus) aren’t going to last very long”

“This bus is taking way more than 20 minutes to get here”

“I heard the system will start using a credit card for payment soon”

“What’s Culemborg?”

“Ah, so that is where the lanes will continue along the N1”

“Oh, thats the pedestrian lane, the cycle lane is on the left”

“This bus is quite full. So good to see”

” I want to use the bendy bus!”

“I never realized that the bus trip would be so scenic”

“Haha, I see a station called Vrystaat!”

“We should tell the city about this cycle lane which converges into 1 lane over this bridge”

“Whoa, look out for the light pole up ahead”

“We’re not professional cyclists. Just trying to use cycling in our daily lives.”