Langa Train Station: A 100m long skywalk!

Langa Station is situated between the district of Langa to the south and the industrial area of Epping 1 to the north.  An existing undercapacity subway connecting the two areas is now being replaced by a 100 m long x 10 m wide “skywalk” bridge structure.

The length of this structure was not only determined by the spacing of the existing rail tracks, but provision had to be made for a possible future rail link between the airport and Cape Town CBD and a future Integrated Rapid Transport route on the northern side of the station.  At each end of the bridge commuters are able to approach or leave the structure via either staircases or ramps.  A high priority for PRASA is to accommodate special-needs passengers (SNPs), so ramps or lifts have been provided at each of the stations, wherever possible.

A 1 500 m² ticket purchase and circulation concourse area is being constructed over the two main platforms.  This area provides sufficient space for a minimum of grade C level of comfort (a Metrorail standard) for peak-hour commuters at all times while moving through the station complex.

As the station had to remain operational throughout the construction period, a large amount of off-site construction was done.  All track spanning beams and slabs were precast and all superstructures were prefabricated from structural steel.

During construction