Philippi Stadium: 8000 seater upgrade & Sports academy

This proposal involves the addition of 5000 new seats to the existing stadium to achieve an 8000 seater stadium. The added component of the Sports academy and related fields would serve as a bolt to the main stadium, providing a facility to service all the sporting needs of the Philippi community.

The existing Philippi Stadium is a 3000 seater facility that served as one of the Venue Specific Training sites for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The addition of the 5000 seats would take the form of two 2500 seater stands to the Northern and Southern ends of the existing field.

Each stand would be identical and would comprise a two tier concrete frame structure with the top tier receiving cover via a lightweight canopy.

The addition of the Sports academy east of the East stand provides and extension to the existing administration components with the East stand. The building is organised around a courtyard and comprises of the following elements:

South wing: Entrance and Reception  from the parking area with a restaurant cafeteria on the ground floor. There are 58 levels of bachelor accommodation above this comprising 100 units.

East Wing: The East wing comprioses primarily a Virgin Active on floors 1-3, the ground floor being used to accommodate the Soccer academy and a Sports’ Science Institute.

North wing: The focal point of the North wing is a 500msq Hall on the ground floor with the Virgin Active swimming pool above it, the Hall would be flanked by new change rooms on the West side.