The Joule in our Crown: Designing for future mobility #WDC2014


Joule is as beautiful and elegant as it is stylish, with a classically timeless appeal set to transform the face of the urban transportation landscape. Developed from the outset as an electric vehicle, Joule delivers optimal design, maximum interior space and a minimal exterior and environmental footprint. Big enough to accommodate a family yet zippy enough to deliver a comfortable city driving experience, Joule delivers the ultimate city driving experience.. Acceleration is spritely, going from 0 to 60 km/h in less than 5 seconds.

Experience Joule

As a zero-emission vehicle with a minimal environmental footprint, Joule is as clean and green as it is quiet. Presenting a radical reduction in noise pollution, Joule is approximately five times more energy efficient than petrol or diesel vehicles, with substantially less pollution and green house gas emissions in an urban environment. Joule is battery operated and recharges with electricity from any source. When obtained from clean sources such as hydro or solar, this multi-source energy carrier can lead to a 100% reduction in pollution. Better still, Joule’s rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are recyclable and contain no heavy metals. These benefits collectively contribute to making Joule an environmentally sound investment.

Efficient Economics

Save up to 90% on fuel expenses and 50% on maintenance costs. Comparatively, Joule presents a highly competitive ownership cost, including the lease cost of the battery pack. This cost differential is expected to improve even further as the price of oil continues to rise. Because Joule contains substantially fewer parts than a petrol/diesel vehicle, maintenance will cost much less and servicing intervals will be far greater. Maintenance of Joule is expected to cost approximately half of that of petrol or diesel equivalent vehicles. Joule presents a substantial saving on fuel and running costs. This revolutionary vehicle is the way of the future.

A Dynamic Driving Experience

Forget gearboxes and clutches. Aficionados will attest to the fact that electric vehicles deliver unbeatably smooth acceleration. Joule accelerates with unparalleled smoothness from 0 to 60km/h in under 5 seconds giving it very brisk city performance. It reaches 100 km/h in under 16 seconds. With a top speed of 135km/h and a nominal driving range of 300km, Joule is an engineering masterpiece. Developed entirely on location in Cape Town, South Africa, by seasoned specialists with international experience, Joule includes competitive full warranty and roadside assistance that come as standard.

Optimal Mobility

Make filling up at garages a thing of the past. Plug in at home instead. Using one normal 220 Volt home outlet and the Joule’s onboard charger, Joule will charge the 300km battery pack in approximately seven hours. Better still, the five-seater passenger vehicle is only about 3.9m long and 1.8m wide, giving it a very spacious interior with enough space for a 700 litre trunk and a very compact exterior, making it ideal for city driving. Joule is not only sleek and sophisticated, it comes standard with all the expected modern conveniences including bluetooth compatibility and iPod connectivity, making it practical to boot.

Joule Brand Film from Optimal Energy on Vimeo.

About Optimal Energy

About Optimal Energy – Electric Car Manufacturer

Optimal Energy (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned South African company based in Cape Town and is headed-up by CEO Kobus Meiring. He founded Optimal Energy in 2005 with Mike Lomberg, Jian Swiegers and Gerhard Swart. An investment from the Innovation Fund (IF), an instrument of the Department of Science and Technology of the South African Government made this venture possible. The current shareholders in Optimal Energy comprise executive management, the IF and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa.