Auckland Information kiosk: stacking 9 shipping containers

Stack nine shipping containers on top of each other, add in some cool multimedia interfaces and staff it with two helpful, waterfront aficionados and you have the new visitors kiosk in Karanga Plaza. The way-finding kiosk is set to be a key welcoming and rendezvous point for the area when the Wynyard Quarter public spaces open early next month.

It’s easily identifiable with its unique container design referencing the working waterfront – a hallmark of the design led approach to the area as a whole. The structure has two elements – a ‘pavilion’ and a ‘tower‘, these define the plaza space and (edges horizontally) and introduce vertical scale that provides a visual landmark. The cantilevered top of the tower stack accommodates a glowing light box that defines the plaza at night.

Inside there’s a video wall looping montage of key waterfront industries – and the screen is also suitable for presentations if required after hours.

In addition there will also be a 1:100 scale model of the Wynyard Quarter to Queens Wharf development. An ATM money machine, juice and coffee point, and public toilets. All in all the kiosk is set to be a critical spot for navigating your way around the waterfront’s hidden treasures, both virtually through media channels and as a way-finding space.

The kiosk is also the starting point for the five audio tours of the area that you will be able to download on your mobile phone, thest that cover Marine and Fishing, Past to Present , Urban Design and Sustainability, Maori Heritage and Art.

Via Waterfront Auckland