Changing face of #mycapetown | Part 1 | Graffiti walk-and-talk-about #cw2011

by Marwaan Sasman (twitter: @MrPigeonPie )

Graffiti has a very deep history in Cape Town, from past political pieces to today’s uplifting murals. The Mak1one graffiti tour during Creative Week moved all the way from the historical to the present.

Mak1one opened with a talk on the history and origins of graffiti and a short demonstration before heading off into the fringe to begin the tour. He shared stories of collaboration, political impact, commercial work and community upliftment – all accompanied by the impressive street art found around The Fringe.

The biggest and most important message was that graffiti is moving out of the “self-indulgence” and “vandalism” it was once associated with, and moving into a new role. A role of upliftment and beauty. With the various commissioned pieces around the area, The Fringe is at the forefront of this change in consciousness. 

All images courtesy of @MrPigeonPie