Changing face of #mycapetown | Part 3 | Vertical Garden | Nicholas Whitehorn

Tractor Outdoor commenced planning of this vertical garden in Kloof Street in early April this year. The plants have been grown in a biodynamic felt, specially imported from a supplier in Germany, and a fully integrated hydroponic drip irrigation system has been installed behind the felt which is linked to a moisture sensor which waters and naturally fertilizes the plants as and when it is required. The garden is 6m high by 12m wide and is made up entirely of wood and vegetation.

This is a first for South Africa ” says Simon Wall of Tractor Outdoor, ” with this concept we are able to convert normal dreary bland blank facades into green, breathing spaces, we do not have to rely on traditional soil growing methods and can effectively brighten and bring life to any wall, anywhere”.

Challenged by a limited number of suitable locations and a Municipality that is seen as slow to back innovation and support business, Tractor persevered and pushed ahead with this project.

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Image Credits: and Tractor Outdoor

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Nicholas Whitehorn has been landscaping in South Africa for twenty years and has always had a passion for indigenous, innovative and ground-breaking landscaping ideas. Architects and homeowners alike are warming to the idea of the inclusion and harmony of a garden with the architecture more so than ever before. Vertical gardens have become the catalyst and mechanism for this.