MULO in Africa is a sustainable mobility system designed to integrate the public transportation in Cape Town suburbs for people with disabilities.

The project is aimed at introducing sustainable mobility systems based on light vehicles moved by solar, electric and human power as well as related services aimed at social equity and cohesion in low-income/emerging contexts.

The system is designed to respond to different mobility needs – people transportation, goods transportation, green area maintenance, etc.

In Cape Town, the first exploratory pilot project aims to introduce sustainable mobility for the disabled and elderly people in the suburban areas of the city, to supplement the current local public transport system.


The project has been designed by the collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and Cape Peninsula University of Technology and it is becoming reality thanks two south african partnerships: Impact Direct Ministries/RLabs and Shonaquip.

Another reason why Cape Town should become World Design Capital 2014? Let’s wait and see ICSID’s announcement in exactly a month from today at the Congress in Taipei.

More information and progress on the MULO project can be found on their website.

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