To billboard or not to billboard? Mayor of Cape Town, @PatriciadeLille adds a voice of reason

To billboard or not to billboard? We have previously covered the issue from two angles.

Firstly, we considered, the role of a large, electronic, “Picadilly Circus” like billboard, introduced to the Strand Adderley intersection, as means of re-invigorating a series of dull facades which exist there. In addition it considers rethinking how billboards can be used as part of a broader project to improve public space and the sense of place of certain spaces.

Billboards: A case for the Strand & Adderley intersection

Secondly, we interviewed, Daniel Steyn, of Second Harvest, on the role of signage and billboards in positively improving space. One of the conclusions drawn was that it was more important to optimize the use of billboards or signage, which in turn actually maximizes the benefits and revenues, rather than simply maximizing the areas or spaces which allow for the application of advertisements e.g. at CTIA.

5Q: We talk, branding, billboards and signage in Cape Town, with Daniel Steyn of Second Harvest

In this blog post we present the comments of the Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, in response to the common practice of blocking billboards in Cape Town, without any justifiable reason or consideration of the broader role they can play for both businesses and the public.

The Executive Mayor, Alderman P de Lille, asked whether, when an application was being made, the relevant officials advised the applicant when an application as submitted was in contravention of the Advertising and Signage By-law and in those circumstances whether the officials then explained to the applicant how applications in contravention of the by-law could be changed so that it would comply with the By-law.

The Executive Mayor asked that the Committee take a look at the By-law and to review it if necessary. She said that advertising helped to grow businesses which would then later employ more people. She said that the By-law needed to be made a more user friendly so that advertisers could advertise legally. She said that there could also be issues with regard to interpretations of the Bylaw which should not be left open to interpretation.

The Chairperson said that the point being made by the Executive Mayor was that the officials should not just say no but should be development friendly and not just chase applicants away.

Date: 26 August 2011

Spatial, Planning, Environment and Land Use Management Committee