#TransportMonth from Cape Town: Just another train commute in South Africa…

by Rouen Smit

So the one day I decided to take a train into the CBD, as it was near 4pm and I definitely did not want to sit in the bumper-to-bumper traffic outbound on the N2, Metrorail totally messed up . I love taking the train, but honestly – if I have other means of transport and things like this happens regularly, I will definitely not take the train again. What happened was: I got on the train near UCT, and not even one train station further, the train stopped. For 40 minutes. Sitting there for 40 minutes, no communication about what was going on made me really mad (and sad) for people that were forced to deal with this. In the end, everyone on the train jumped off and walked along the tracks to the nearest taxi rank. Just your average train commute (note, not Gautrain) in South Africa. Love it. Metrofail.

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