Bogota International Convention Centre: Winning design firm announced

Ágora Bogotá, Animación. CICB primer premio. from Herreros Arquitectos on Vimeo.

A consortium formed by renowned architects Daniel Bermudez (Colombia) and Juan Herreros (Spain) have been announced as the winners of the international architectural design competition for a $138m International Conventions Center of Bogota.

Providing Bogotá with an important, international Conference Centre requires the implementation of measures to re-brand both the city and the country globally. This is undoubtedly the moment when it can link in with two ongoing, major branding operations: that of the Bogotá Brand and that of the Colombia Brand. This new Conference Centre should be a symbol of Colombian hospitality; a place for encounters in a city of encounters, the capital of a nation of encounters which is the reasoning behind the title AGORA – BOGOTÁ, through this title assuming the double challenge of patenting the required singularity for the building to fulfill its media-related function while remaining faithfull to Colombian architectural traditions which have turned equilibrium, rigour and the renouncing of all types of sensationalism the reason for its internationally held esteem which percieves in it a clear reference point for a time of crisis and recession. Therefore, the challenge as well as the potential offered by our team may be defined as the search for notoriety through rationalism. –