Faith in cycle freedom

Faith in cycle freedom

by @aiBester

The path to an (albeit fabricated) all-inclusive sense of freedom to cycle around Africa’s city of mothers and surfers often comes obscured with confused climate and stubborn motorists. So when elements actually do come together to support this adventure to cycle to work, it deserves airing.

On 3 November I shared an exposed manhole (typical case of steel cover stolen for R9.50 I guess), I tweeted a pic to Western Cape Premier (@helenzille), pondering if there is no better way to cover these holes.

With only 140 buttons to press, and a long list of other agenda items she has to deal with (macro matters, you know), a reply came shortly – and to the point. Asking only where her team could find the exposed danger to cyclists and pedestrians alike. Woodstock, I answered, near MyCiti station. Keeping it short too. I learn quickly.

A week later, driving pass said hole in my sedan (yes, I’m a fair weather cyclist, it was raining), I noticed work has been done to avert danger. It was only today (with funneling winds, yet no rain) that I returned to my #LoneCyclist duties and managed to find a safe spot to take a picture of the solution.

Practical and robust, it looks strong enough to keep me out of the deep divide beyond, and useless enough for the itchy fingers of scrap metal thugs. I hope.


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