Portside II Update: Cape Town’s new tallest building

Good progress is being made overall.

They have reached the “final excavation level” over the tower block section and core base. The big hole in picture (just off-centre to the right) is actually the hole for the massive main core base which is going to be approximately 700m3 of concrete. The lateral support is progressing well and they seem to be on programme for a mid-November handover to the main contractor.

The main challenge ahead is to blast, excavate and install the lateral support to the left side of the site, which isn’t as critical but still needs to be complete by early Jan 2012 but judging by their progress this shouldn’t be a problem. There has been very little water encountered, much less than expected at the tender stage, which has helped, and the rock has not been overly difficult to blast and excavate.

Status: Green Light