#TransportMonth: Part 2 of Czech Saga

Continued: Robert Bowen’s e-mail to his Dad from his time traveling in Europe


I was on this train and had to change at this place uzii – something. After a while I arrived at another rural rundown once communistically grand station. I saw an information sign and went to ask what to do next, some guy overheard and laughed. I had jumped at the wrong station, I needed uzii-central, of course it just looks like an extension of the name in Czech, I was at uzzi-outlyingindustrialregion. This woman told me in mish mash English, that if I ran I could get to the next station before the train left again (this was the only train). I ran hard as hell with my pack on my back and all in vain.

The train was being seriously delayed. I waited an age again until it arrived. Finally on board and going to Prague. I found a cabin with a German girl inside, she told me which station in Praha to get off at which was lucky and then I slept again.

In Prague and nowhere to go. Some guy told about a hostel 5 min down the drag, I was so tired I almost took it but he was dodge, and I didn’t trust him. I checked in a lonely planet my tour leader had loaned me, I again didn’t know where I was so I had to catch a cab, it cost a load.

Got to the hostel and asked for a bed. They didn’t have any dorm beds but the guy was kind enough (with some persuading) to give me a room at the price of a dorm. The universe is on my side. It wasn’t a big room more a converted broom cupboard under the stairs, but it was sweet despite having no window. Next day left early and walked round the city again. Found a map and how to get to the airport, of course I don’t know how to read not operational on Sundays so I was again buggered, but this guy I asked, who couldn’t speak English, signed and wrote what number trams I should catch, when to walk and which bus to catch. He was really enthusiastic about it all.

Reached the airport after another public transport mission involving again getting off at the wrong spot. (when the trams stop they give the name of the next stop not the current one.) The jingle for each stop is also the intro to a song called California which got stuck in my head.

At the airport I asked all the agencies for a cheap flight to London. The only one I could get was Easyjet at 9:45 at night, I had no choice. It was 11 in the morn then so I sat around like a bum drinking my beers and lazing on the benches in the sun. After the mission yesterday and the min sleep I got, (2 hours) it felt good.

The flight was you guessed it, delayed. After I boarded I ended up sitting next to this half Brazillian, half Italian chick who seemed really keen to join the mile high club, she also spoke way too much and had the worst qualities of both. All I wanted to do was sleep!

Arrived in Gatwick at about twelve. There were no trains to Watford till this Morning so I slept on some Gatwick benches too. I kept being woken up by this cleaning car thing, which not only sounds like a lawn mower but is also equipped with a bright flashing light and piercing siren. Eventually sat up at 5 when the airport got too rowdy to kip anymore. the next train to Watford left at 6:55 so I caught it. Arrived at the station and walked the few kms home.

I’m pissed off about not going to Berlin and especially Amsterdam.

Dad this internet cafe keyboard is useless at M’s so fill them in yourself. Also I’m sorry for the bad grammar and language and spelling but this is a rushed mail cause as soon as I have proper sleep I’m prob going to forget it all.

Also while I was being questioned by the border police the others played one bounce and Matt dislocated his knee.

Love you