INFOGRAPHIC: How Green are Africa’s cities?

INFOGRAPHIC: How Green are Africa’s cities?


South and North African cities are greenest among Africa’s major cities – Siemens publishes African Green City Index analyzing 15 major cities in 11 African countries

Cities from the south and the north of Africa deliver the best environmental performance of all major African cities. This is the conclusion of the African Green City Index, a unique study commissioned by Siemens and conducted by the independent research organization Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). During the past months, the EIU analyzed the aims and achievements of 15 major cities in 11 African countries with respect to environmental performance and policies.

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  1. Guest

    Interesting that Cape Town’s electricty consumption and waste produced are so much higher than Joburg?

    1. dandan.boshoff

      I suspect it may be due to the significantly higher electrification rate in the Western Cape generally and even more so specifically in the Cape Town Metropole. Whereas Durban is much more rural and Joburg has many informal disconnected communities.

  2. dandan.boshoff

    I find the water consumption very interesting as the City of Cape Town has been putting allot of effort into creating new water infrastructure, while upgrading or maintaining old and leaking storm water, sewarage and drinking water pipes and infrastructure.

    Even the greater than average provincial or local provision of such infrastructure doesnt necesarily make this previous statement valid as it may seem natural that more infrastructure would equal more usage and also wastage. Which may be argued when comparing the electricity usage comparison of SA cities.


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