#OnSite : MyCiti Bus system update for March 2012

As the year 2012 proceeds, the MyCiTi Bus project slowly, but surely gets closer to offering citizens of Cape Town a reliable public transport alternative. With these monthly updates we hope to provide our readers, and citizes of Cape Town, with some information on its progress. Sadly, this progress is neither consistently nor well communicated by those tasked with this responsibility. The Future Cape Town updates on the system , are therefore an independent review of the progress, with the aim of communicating with readers and riders, in a more effective manner.

Civic Center Station Feeder and East entrance


The completion of construction at the Civic Center station is currently aimed at June 2012. When reviewing some of the design documents in addition to the #OnSite visuals provided by Andre Wessels, it looks to be a pleasing and somewhat exciting design. The station will hopefully be a busy hub once the 9 permanent inner-city feeder routes are up and running.

One can only wish that the concept of Integration is taken seriously,  and that  a safe (yes, you have to dodge knives and the tornado like Cape Doctor), beautiful and functional sky-glass-bridge/tunnel will at some point connect the Civic Centre Hub Cape Town Train Station.

We further welcome the introduction of a modern gateway roof structure at both the West and East end of the Civic Centre station concourse, but see very little interventions planned for improved pedestrian connections to the station in the vicinity.

Permanent Inner City feeders

We’ll have to wait a little longer for these. I had initially hoped that these buses would arrive by winter so that I will be able to catch a MyCiTi bus from Cape Town Station to my office. Unfortunately, we will only be getting the feeders (will be delayed…again – trust me) from October 2012.

If you want to see if you will be in the vicinity of a MyCiTi bus feeder, have a look at our previous posts.

On Site: Cape Town’s Feeder Bus Station and MyCiTi Bus to Connect the Central City Like Never Before.

myConneCT card

Later in the year, the MyCiTi Bus will offer commuters more functionality with their myconnect cards. These include:

  • Distance based fares
  • Weekly, Monthly passes

Other components of the myconnect cards system that still needs to be fully implemented:

  • Gates at stations,
  • Bus validators with bigger screens allowing passengers to see all successful/unsuccessful transactions with their card.

Hopefully, and more urgently, I hope the MyCiTi Bus team will make it possible for commuters to top-up their myconnect cards via electronic banking methods (and not just ABSA clients) and/or at vending machines.

Until next month’s update, try to bicycle, train, bus or even taxi to your next destination. We dare you!

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