The Lone Cyclist Part 7: The Garbage side of Cycling of Cape Town

Part 7: The Garbage side of Cycling of Cape Town

by Adriaan Bester (The Lone Cyclist)

I have been giving some consideration to my own reputation as I convince friend and foe to dump the car and hit the road on foot or bicycle. Sadly, some areas are borderline dumping grounds, and require regular nagging to authorities to attend to it. Mostly they listen; often they don’t necessarily respond to my immediate satisfaction.

It was a few months ago when I first raised alarm about garbage being dumped (i trust illegally) in Woodstock. This I observed on my walk from the MyCiti bus station into the streets of, what we’d like to call, the trendiest Burb of Town. Presently, all that’s burping is the rising pong of the same garbage that is growing (both organically and in numbers) by the day.

While I get regular friendly notes from staff at the City of Cape Town, a gas mask and dark shades may be required if you plan to follow my advice on commuting by foot or cycle into Woodstock.

Keep your survival celebration short though. Crossing the road requires a healthy mix of skill and prayer as the giant Harbour-bound trucks are not all familiar with the newly installed passenger crossing traffic lights.

The journey continues (albeit some days in gumboots and not my favourite brown suede boots).

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