Bus to Work. Cycle to work. Woolworths helping to Inspire a more Liveable City

We were so impressed by these short, simple videos created by Woolworths employees, that we felt that we had to share them with all our readers. Our mission, to Inspire a more liveable City, requires a joint effort from all sectors, societies, organizations and individuals, through dynamic partnerships. These videos by Woolworths are an example of the power of a simple message, i.e. to use public transport, which aims to inspire a new way of living for all Capetonians.

It is the sort of communication, and branding of public and non-motorized transport that has been sorely lacking in Cape Town.

We asked some fellow colleagues at Woolworths Head Office to contribute to Earth Hour and in the process, we learnt about some simple, everyday things we can all do to make a difference. This video was produced as a ‘love’ project by the Woolworths studio.

Cycle to Work