Your City Idea: Giving citizens a voice on urban issues


Join us at The Bank, 71 Harrington Street


17 May, from 5pm onwards and 18 May, from 9AM onwards to cast your Vote!

Future Cape Town in partnership with exhibition structure specialists HOTT 3 Dimensional Marketing will unveil a public installation in the form of a megasized ballot box entitled Your City Idea, on 17 May 2012 at Cape Town’s new ideas district, The Fringe.

This is the first in a series of Activate Projects. Activate, is a sub-project of Future Cape Town which seeks to use structures, new and traditional media and powerful partnerships to engage citizens in different and innovative ways.

The installation will offer visitors a chance to vote on two urban issues or questions, with four options to choose from. The options will be displayed as images or future visions for Cape Town, presented in four pigeon holes.

With a modular aluminium system, clad in a 5mm forex coat in yellow to construct, this temporary urban intervention is designed as part of the build-up to the Spaza Urban Innovation Festival 2014 during Cape Town’s year as World Design Capital. The Spaza Festival will focus on the use of temporary interventions in changing cities.  

‘We look forward to the opportunity to explore ways to activate citizenship in Cape Town around the many urban issues and challenges we face,’ says Rashiq Fataar, Managing Director of Future Cape Town.

Partnering with HOTT 3 Dimensional Marketing presents us with an opportunity to translate many of our ideas into reality,’ says Rashiq

Liam Beattie, owner of HOTT 3 Dimensional Marketing adds, ‘As fellow Capetonians we are hugely excited by the opportunity to team up with Future Cape Town and The Fringe District, to implement the Your City Idea in a physical format.

We appreciate the need for citizens to engage in an accessible way on urban issues. As a modular exhibition design company, it made sense to produce a re-usable exhibit where the proposed questions and messages can be changed to suit the Your City Idea programme

Albeit on a small scale, the initiative is aimed at giving the public an opportunity to vote on matters they would normally not be exposed to. As a basis, it will encourage public participation.

The modular nature of the structure means that it will in future be able to be reused at other communities and spaces around the City.

Exhibition detail:

  • The Your City Idea installation will appear in the form of a 2.5m high and 1.1m ballot box in The Fringe – Cape Town’s Design and Innovation District.
  • The project takes place in The Alley – a continuation of Barrack Street, between Harrington and Canterbury Streets.
  • All Capetonians, young and old, are encouraged to visit The Alleyway, to vote and have their say on the future of Cape Town.

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