8 ideas about the future of The Digital City

Last week we hosted a #citytalk tweetchat on the topic of The Digital City, and the busy discussion offered both a glimpse into how digital tools have changed the way we engage with the built environment and a vision for the future of the tech-enabled city. Co-hosted with Future Cape Town and our friends at the BMW Guggenheim Lab, the discussion reached over 30,000 people. Here’s our favourite moments:

1. Digital engagement

Digital technology has already changed the way we engage with our cities, but which services have done the most? This one was easy:

2. Digital city = smart city? Digital services generate a wealth of data, but have they made cities smarter?


3. Getting city governments on board How can city leaders be convinced to embrace the digital revolution? Is broadband the starting point? Some of your thoughts:


4. The inclusive digital city
The digital city offers more data and information than we really know what to do with. But what about those who don’t have the tools to access this information? Can the digital city be considered inclusive?


5. Smartphones

Though the smartphone is a powerful device, is it the right tool for an immersive digital/urban experience?





6. Sacrifices for the digital city

What have we lost as our lives and cities have ‘gone digital’? Or have we lost anything at all?



7. Notable digital cities

Which cities or areas are doing a good job with digital?

8. The future of the digital city

The city has already changed significantly over the last ten years, and digital technologies have played a part in that. So what might we be faced with in 2022? Here’s some #citytalk predictions:

Image courtesy of Stuck in Customs at flickr.com

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