Future Smart Reads 15 July, 2012

In our second installment, here’s a quick round-up of the stories that got us chatting this past week:

PRETORIA: Other South African cities are slowly catching up Johannesburg and Cape Town in the delivery of Bus Rapid Transit systems. The City of Tshwane has started the construction of their own bus rapid transit (BRT) system on Wednesday, three weeks after the City of Rustenberg commenced construction of a similar BRT system. The City of Tshwane is currently choosing names for its BRT system which you can vote and view on their Twitter page.

GLOBAL: We enjoyed Hugo Macdonald’s opinion about why we shouldn’t write off cars out of our cities just yet. He says “cars serve a real, practical purpose beyond the speed and convenience of getting from a to b.”

AFRICA: The Southern African Development Community readies Infrastructure Development Master Plan for approval. This master plan is similar to the Trans-European Transport Networks plans, in that it aims to connect Southern African countries by road, rail and ports as never seen before.

AMERICA: Scott Doyon talks about the failures of how we planned and are still planning our streets.

HELSINKI: Another exciting project emerging from the World Design Capital 2012 project is this silo being converted into a public space as well as a night-time light art piece. See the video above.

DAYA VIEJA: A fun, maybe a little silly, public structure in the city of Daya Vieja, Spain has been erected to help support a six-headed palm tree. The result is a three-story spiraling walkway that offers views of the city. Do you like it?