Views on Cape Town’s future belong to all who live in it – and love it.

We are delighted that our views on the future of the Green Point Athletics Stadium, which appeared in The Cape Argus (3 July 2012) and on our website, attracted attention from the publicly appointed architect on a piece of architecture that will contribute to the future development of and conversations about Cape Town.

The response from Mr Silke is more than any of the information we unearthed in our extensive search, which commenced 11 months ago in August 2011, based on information provided to us by the City of Cape Town. As with other projects that impact the way the future of Cape Town will look like, we have asked questions on this one with the same vigour, effort and curiosity that we feel our readers expect and appreciate from us.

With Mr Silke’s opinion now available, we will continue to ask for opportunities such as site tours, more recent images and other modern means, to offer those who share our interest and passion for the Future Cape Town with a glimpse into the future.

It remains important to us that Cape Town and indeed the Western Cape designs, and incrementally invests in infrastructure (sports and non-sports) which serves the long term vision and ambitions for our city and region. As passionate Capetonians, we believe this topic should not be exclusively limited for conversations between architects and designers. We will continue to provide a platform for current and future generations of Cape Town to record their voices and hopes. This is a duty we feel supports the ethos of involving the public as a whole in celebrating Cape Town’s status as World Design Capital for 2014.