Future Smart Reads, 12 Aug 2012

Here are the pieces that got us interested during the week:

KENYA: The Financial Times spoke to Kenya’s prime minister on Kenya’s intention to bid for the 2024 Olympics. Do you think Kenya will beat South Africa in becoming the first African country to host the big global event? These rumours have circulated before and we think it remains unlikely.

LONDON: The Olympics seemed like a good boost for London’s public transport system. The New Yorker writes about how the underground has been used by many Olympians and that London will be praised on its transportation plan. Considering that the IOC labelled its transport system as “obsolete” in 2005, this is a massive victory.

GLOBAL: We loved this article on TheCityFix about what cities such as London, Copenhagen and  Singapore are doing to curb traffic problems and the uptake of private vehicles. The post also has a brilliant video (see above) which explains why “non-integrated and car-centered” designing of our cities will cause major problems in the future. Not that we all didn’t know that, but it highlights how Cape Town is still far away from becoming a safe, reliable public transport based city.

JOHANNESBURG: The MEC for Roads and Transport in Gauteng has announced the province’s plans to compile various short, medium and long term plans to improve public transport in the province. Saying interventions such as a province-wide Transport Authority, a dedicated call center for transport queries, a single transport ticket as well as +50km of NMT routes will be included in the plans.