MyCiTi update: Civic Centre Station expansion ready to go!

Rouen Smit, got a preview of the station, at the celebration of the the 13th birthday of architecture firm ARG Design, the brains behind the design of the MyCiTi bus stations.

The Civic Centre station is the heartbeat of the MyCiTi bus system, and the gateway to the CBD for the Table View (T1) and Airport service. The West section of the station opened just in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, connecting the CBD to the Stadium Station just outside Cape Town Stadium, while interim feeder routes have been running in parts of the CBD since then. The expansion of the station towards the East, incorporates a Feeder Station section allowing 4 feeder buses to simultaneously dock at the station, and connect to feeder routes as far as Salt River and Hout Bay, while additional trunk stations will complement the existing 4 trunk platforms completed in the earlier phase. The dramatic roof which opens to the East forms a fitting gateway structure to the Central City, but pedestrian and ground level interventions around this end of the station, remain mostly non-existent, and a solution will be needed.