MyCiTi update: Proposed Road Changes in Cape Town for the MyCiTi

With the City of Cape Town’s aims to make the city a “Public Transport, People and Quality of Life First” city, some proposed road changes will soon take effect for the MyCiTi system to run smoothly for users. The proposed road changes affects the areas of Sea Point, Vredehoek and Gardens. Changes to the road may affect private vehicle users, but Future Cape Town fully support the proposed changes to accommodate the majority of users of our roads. Ideally many private vehicle users will move to the system, further alleviating traffic congestion within the city.

From the most recent official MyCiTi progress reports, we can confirm the following:

  • the Adderley Street enclosed feeder station will not be completed by the end of 2012
  • the Adderley Street stop will be off-street embankment, until that feeder station is completed
  • only a few of the nine permanent feeders routes will be operating by the end of the year and hopefully two will be operating by 1 November 2012.
  • Construction work has just started on the enclosed feeder station in Sea Point, with the Gardens enclosed feeder station having been just completed and the Civic Centre Station very near completion.

For more information on the MyCiTi system see the official website or earlier posts on the system.

City Central MyCiTi bus network:

Latest as of July 2012. Click on the image for larger size.

Vredehoek proposed road changes:

Before MyCiTi services are launched in the Vredehoek area, it is proposed that Davenport Road (between Exner Avenue and St James Street) and St James Street (between Davenport Road and Derry Street) become one-way streets. This is to accommodate MyCiTi buses travelling along these roads and avoid congestion.

The roads in question are very narrow and it is currently difficult for cars to pass each other safely due to the road width and kerbside parking. It will be even more difficult for buses to pass cars in these conditions. The alternative would be to prohibit parking on these roads, but given the nature of the area, where there is considerable car ownership, high density residential flats and limited off-street parking, this may be undesirable to residents.

The remaining sections of both Davenport Road and St James Street will remain open for traffic in both directions.

Gardens/Kloof proposed road changes:

The introduction of MyCiTi services in the Gardens area, specifically along Kloof Street, provides an opportunity to make general traffic improvements in the area. This will facilitate bus flows and create a better and safer streetscape for people and vehicles. It will improve the pedestrian experience for everyone in this lively part of Cape Town.

To achieve this, the following changes are proposed:

  • Banning the right turn movement from Kloof Street onto Orange Street
  • Removing on-street parking on Kloof Street (between Orange Street and Wilkinson Street)
  • Removing on-street parking on Rheede Street

Sea Point proposed road changes:

In Sea Point there will be an enclosed MyCiTi station in Beach Road, just off Queens Road, which is currently under construction. The City of Cape Town also proposes that a portion of Queens Road be converted into a one-way as well as Solomons Road.

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